02 – 06 – 2020

Again, thank you all for your continuing and positive support.

Remaining on the small lakes.

As of this AM, most slush in Northern Vilas County is firmed up. Current areas may be productive but, some locations remain open or thin ice. All 3 lakes where we are have a small creek coming in and going out maintaining a very good D.O. content right thru all 12 months of the year.

Our Gills are still weed related and the bite is steady. Live bait still the best. Artificial does work as we did well the last several days with a small Clam Blade Spoon in various colors tipped with a very small piece of Gulp. Some deeper wood piles produce some of the bigger Gills.

Walleye are Tip Ups only for us. Golden Shiners are the best for us and various locations are producing. Weeds and shallow locations during evening hours and deeper locations during the daytime and as said in multiple reports over the last several years, deep is relative to what lake you are fishing. Dark water lakes produce during the day and clear lakes later.

Type of hook is important, we switched over to a wide gap drop shot hook and increased our hook ups dramatically, color of the hook can help as an attractant. Now, I have had a very important question asked of me and it went like this. John, what about using a drop shot rig while Tip Up fishing for Walleye. This has been experimented with and the results are very good and recommended to all. Keep the drop shot weight 1 inch off the bottom, this allows for better flag time response.

Pike for now is still routine for us, weeds and the drop off connected to the weed line along with some flags set right into the weeds. Sunny days we put the shiner right down in the weeds and cloudy days above the weeds.

Crappie for us are now mostly suspended with some still coming from deep wood. Crappie minnows are best with wax worms also producing very well. No dark time Crappie fishing for us, simply find them suspended and go to work. Or, fish around or inside the deeper weeds. Gulp Euro Larvae, 3 or 4 string attached to a Clam Blade Spoon has been the artificial lure of choice this past 8 days, experiment with color. Also a 1/32 oz. blue or purple jigging rap type lure tipped with minnow head, gulp or an anise scented taper tail is productive.

Perch, Tiny minnows, Wax worms and pieces of Crawler. Depending what lake I am on, bottom Perch and some now suspended, they will follow up from the bottom 1/32 oz jig head aggressive vibrating action is best for us and again, depending what lake your on.

These reports are client related, not from outside sources.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless

John Andrew