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“NO FISH, NO PAY, GUARANTEED”. (excluding musky)

06- 25- 2017.

Our pattern is continuing to stay the same, for now.

Today, we just beat the rain as we finished our full day of fishing. We got back to the dock and the sky fell down and it is still raining as this report is being typed in.

This father and son had a blast catching fish all day long and some rather nice size specimen at that. Honest, hard working people, enjoying and supporting Northern Wisconsin. Good job Guys, your the best.

These 2  clients again used the same color jig and the same type of minnow and they  produced several fish. The weeds are still and will continue to be, the answer, to the several specie of fish we catch, just as it has been the last 12 days.

Each weed bed we stop at and begin to fish, (when we are on this lake,) always produces a lot of Rock Bass, some Perch, some Walleye, some Crappie, some Small mouth Bass and the occasional Large Mouth Bass, “at this time of year only”.  As the water warms up each specie will find its own comfort zone, different depth and specific location.

This June and July of 2017 are completely booked for guiding, openings in August and September.

As always, stay positive, think clearly do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.
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