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Once again an amazing adventure fishing with guide John. This time we went for walleyes and he did not disappoint! If there wasn't a bag and max size limit we would have had it in the first hour, this man TRULY knows his stuff. We can't wait for next time for crappies again. John is not only our guide, he is our friend and look forward to many more fishing adventures to come.

Michael Udell (The Fish Whisperer) lol

Hi John,
Thank you again for yesterday's fishing outing it was very special for my family even with the unfortunate turn of Brady having to leave I'll. You made his day and lifted his spirits with your lake-link post :)

Also, thank you for speaking up regarding Bradys cough. We did take him in today and sure enough he has double pneumonia and needed a stronger antibiotic...THANK YOU for your advice

Back to fishing: can we book you for a full day trip again for Tuesday June 30 2020?

Also, hoping not a problem to ask, would you share the exact fishing setup info we were using yesterday (rod, reel, and line)? I would like to get it for my dad for his birthday/Xmas this year. I know you said st croix rod, daiwa reel and Berkeley line but was hoping you would share exact model/specs so I get right stuff for him?

Thanks again John! Let me know if we need to send deposit for next year now or closer to next year.

Oh, and Brady says "hi Mr Andrews - thank you for helping me catch my first walleye!"

Chris Schaubroeck

Dear John,
During the last week I received two referrals from you from folks looking for ice fishing guides. Thank you very much for sending them our way, and for your kind words about us. It was nice to be able to help them and I am glad your business is doing so well.

All the best,
Beth Wetzler
Executive Director
Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce

Hi John,
We were the ones at the Van Vliet landing that you helped yesterday. We keep thinking we have this boat launching thing figured out and then we do something like leave the plug out. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and loads of patience. Our friends were still talking about it when we got home. Northwoods kindness at its best.

Thanks again,
Barb and Pete Cober

This is also NOT a fishing report, but I'd like to echo the sentiments of others before me regarding John Andrew - wonderful, wonderful steward of the outdoors and an absolute master of fishing. We are blessed with a wealth of knowledge from him and the other guides on here (Kurt Justice, i.e.). John is the only one I've had the pleasure of fishing with multiple times, and I look forward to being in the same boat as him again soon!

Fall Fishing.

2017 Vilas County Wisconsin
Mostly Cloudy 42 F

The Anglers Choice Guide Service .com

Expert Fishing Guide John Andrew arrived right on time at the boat landing, Dad and I brought some extra clothes and some food for all of us in a small cooler, after we got everything stowed away we were off onto the water.

The conditions were far from ideal, we were dealing with a cold front with very high winds. Dad and I on the drive over from our lake house in the Minocqua area to the boat landing, talked about how it would probably be a very challenging day of fishing and to not expect very much success that day. We began fishing in approximately 20' of water, on one of John's marked (G.P.S.) fishing spots, we fished with crappie minnows and we were targeting crappies and walleyes on this brisk fall day. It didn't take but a few minutes and I was lucky enough to catch the first crappie, a couple minutes later Dad connected with another keeper. Then we really got into a nice school of crappie and we had nonstop action all morning long, we laughed and talked about previous experiences we had together on other fishing outings with John.

John is a true professional fishing guide. John's annual number of over 400 customers and growing, is testament to this. Most all (90%) of John's customers stay at Hotels, Resorts, Home rentals, eat at Restaurants, by Gas, visit Chamber functions as well as shop our local towns stores. John is a member of the Minocqua, Saint Germaine, Manitowish Waters, Mercer Chambers of Commerce and has been for several years. Also John has recently joined the Presque isle Chamber of Commerce. John serves several communities and his customers visit there business's. John does "Guarantee" (and he advertises this quote) that all his clients catch fish (excluding Musky) or their money back, no other Guide does this.

Dad and I have had the pleasure of fishing together with many guides through the years, and it's safe to say that John's ability to catch fish in any conditions is truly remarkable. Not only are we catching fish, each time we take John out as a guide he teaches us something new that increases our satisfaction as well as others that might hire him. He is polite, friendly, explains in great detail his fishing methods and techniques but most important, he shows his compassion for others and enjoys working with the elderly and families, as shown on his website. We are always talking about the fishing trips when we hire John. We not only use these new found skills that day but, we continue to add these skills to our fishing techniques for future trips with our friends and family.

Over the years it's been a true honor to call on John for his services, we always learn a lot, laugh a lot, and just plain have a great time when we get together with him. As we have learned, many others staying in Minocqua Wisconsin during the summer months also have had the pleasure of John's expertise. Now back to the fishing, we ended up catching close to 100 crappies that day, as any good sportsman we only kept what we needed for a couple of meals and released the rest. The surprise to Dad and I was the mature Walleye's that we were fortunate enough to catch that day, that really put a smile on Dad's face that I will cherish forever, truly these are the experiences that make every trip so much fun. Thanks John.

Dad and I are already talking about taking John back out for an ice fishing trip this winter, we would like to learn some new techniques for the hard water months as well, and who better then to learn from the best guide that we know, Mr. John Andrews of The Anglers Choice Guide Service. Com. If ever there has been any negative comments and or negative reports about John Andrew, we believe, they are fictitious or false and those comments or reports should be told to and or shown to John Andrew, immediately.

Best Regards,
Clint Braunel 608-397-7622 La Crosse, WI
Dale Braunel 715-212-8767 Marathon City, WI

I fished with John Andrew last Friday and Saturday hitting the Mannitowish Waters both days sun up to sun down and for the two days we had 11 solid hookups and boated 6 Muskies all over 40 inches in great shape and still swimming in water between 20 and 30 feet deep. Used Suckers over the side of the boat fishing deep. The water was around 42 degrees and turnover had occurred previously. In the 42 years I have fished and looking back at all the guided trips I have taken I can say that this was the not only the finest trip but John is the finest guide I have ever fished with hands down.

Saw a few posts mentioning John Andrew and had to chime in - he is a master of his craft. We had a chance to fish with him this past spring and his level of knowledge for walleye fishing is unreal. Great guy with a legitimate passion for putting people on fish. Will definitely being booking another trip with him next year and I would highly recommend.

Just got back to Chicago,(sad to say). I wanted to drop a not to say thanks for a great fishing trip while we were up north. Paul and I enjoyed our fishing trip with you. We had a chance to get back to Little St. Germaine lake to use what you taught us and had a great time.

Thanks again, We'll be in touch for a trip next year. Maybe to the lake with the larger Crappie we discussed!


We had the great pleasure of Ice Fishing with John Andrew this past January 2017 on a Vilas County Lake.

Once again, John was a true professional, he was at the meeting location on time, as we were eager to get this brisk morning started on time. John had the Ice House already warm by the time we arrived, he also had a road plowed through the fresh 15" of snow that fell the night before we were going fishing.

Once we got into the heated Ice House, he began to guide us on how to fish properly with underwater fishing cameras, what a great fishing technique. This technology and John's advice made a big difference, if we would have been fishing by ourselves we would have been lucky to have catch 3 fish the entire day. Fishing with John we were able to be catching fish all day and laughing and joking around all day long, it was an effortless way to catch fish, with the new techniques we learned and how to properly use technology we caught close to 100 fish, most of which were released. This will be a day I cherish for many years, as Dad and I were truly catching perch, one right after another, and it's all a special thanks to the techniques and technology of expert Guide, Mr. John Andrew. The learning experience was priceless, as Dad saw John on a Fishing show talking about using underwater cameras for catching more fish under the ice. And catch fish we did, all day long, I know for certain if it wasn't for John's advice and techniques we would have a poor day, but thanks to John, we caught multiple species in ways we never new how to catch fish like this before.

God Bless & Best regards,
Dale Braunel Marathon, Wisconsin
Clint Braunel La Crosse, Wisconsin

Thanks for the walleye clinic today. Enjoyed time on the water both fishing and getting to visit with you. Will dig out some North of Sixty photos of camp. I will also get some dates together for the next trip with a daughter or two. Made it home here by 930 so not too bad. Thanks again and really did have a great day.

Jeff Wishop
Wishop Tile & Drainage

We would like to thank you for the wonderful trip Saturday. My brother and I enjoyed it very much. You taught us well to fish for walleye and we had a blast and we have lots of up coming walleye dinners. If there's a way to get copies of the pictures you took, we would love to have them. We would like to make this an annual trip so hopefully we will see you next year. Hope you have a great winter and spring season and we wish you all the best.

Linda & Mike

We had so much fun Saturday. You are a awsome fishing guide and a true gentlemen of the northwoods. Can't wait until the next adventure. Thanks a million.

Mark Marko

Just wanted to follow up on yesterday's fishing. Dan, Levi and I had a great time. The results were fantastic, but better yet, your coaching and teaching and the memories will last long after the fish fry. I've been a little leery about hiring a guide in the past, but those fears have been dismissed. I'd like to hire you for another fishing trip next year, for my wife and I…she loves walleyes. When you have time to look at your calendar, please give us some options for the 2017 season.

Randy Archiquette

I live in Oregon Wisconsin a suburb of Madison (south/west) and I read your posts. I want to say thank you for the posts and want to fish with you some day. I really enjoy your honest commentary on fishing and the people you fish with. My son will be out of college in a few years and we will book a trip with you. Thanks for your posts and someday soon I will book a trip with you! Keep up the great posts!

Thanks for a great day on the lake yesterday afternoon. We had a blast and are already talking about next years trip. The perch we caught yesterday were delicious. We cooked half of them and have enough to take home for another meal.

Thanks again.

Nate and John Black

Thanks for another great day of fishing. We went multi species fishing. It was July 26 th , HOT and sunny. All this was done on a clear public lake Pleasure boats, skiers . jet skiers, pontoons, all around us. We caught walleye, perch, small mouth ,large mouth bass, rock bass. We caught well over 50 fish through out the day. Johns patience's is outstanding, one time in the wind we got tangled up in the motor , John worked on getting us untangled for a while and never lost his cool. We released every thing, even about a 28 inch walleye at the end of the day. Very nice all around day.

Ron Strohman


I just wanted to thank you for the great opportunity. That was probably the best day fishing i have ever had. I hope all is well and the fish are still biting. Save fishing and lines tight

Sam Mansfield


We all loved fishing with you I know it is work for you, but to us it was fishing with another buddy. I personally enjoyed the insight on the fishing spots and tactics. I am definitely going to book a winter trip so we can fish again with you. I am a lucky man to have a wife that loves to fish, she appreciated the time and conversation you had. The phone call was great sorry I didn't answer but I never heard it. Till we fish again

James Scheibe

Good Afternoon John,

hope all is good with you today. just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for 2 wonderful days fishing in wisconsins northwoods. had a great time fishing, learning and just hangin out with you. thank you for all you taught me about jigging, boat control and reading the electronics it was all very informative. I will never forget that trip, and am looking forward to the next trip up to fish with you.

God Bless
Thank You
Randy Austgen


I just want to take a moment to tell you how much fun our outing was on Saturday July 11th. Jackie and Julia have been talking about ever since we disembarked your boat! Calling and visiting with friends and posting all their pictures of the fish they caught with you. I explained as best as I could that your profession as a Guide is as traditional as anything else. I have the book "Legends Between The Oars" by Buckshot Anderson. I especially want them to read the chapter on the late, great, Jules Novak one of your mentors. If you can think of any other good material on the subject please let me know. Also please know that you really inspired two young girls with your professionalism, patience, and knowledge. Thank you so much for another wonderful outing with you. Can't wait to get "Hooked up again"!

Tim Rottman

Good Morning Capn John,

I wanted to drop you a line this morning and just thank you again for taking us to your special place, I believe you when you say you do not take many people there and I understand why, truly a diamond in the outdoor world.

You can trust assured that your secret is safe with us and that we would only float those waters with your assistance our code of ethics is strong. We will be back in touch with you on potentially having the opportunity at some good walleye fishing, you know our caliber and expectations so we would ask your guidance.

Once again we enjoyed our time even catching the prized Asian Carp for laughs all 927 of them. thanks for the memories that we will hold dear and talk smart about fishing the flats of Manocqua!!

There will be 2 trophy's hanging on the wall.

Daniel Owens

Hi John,

Just got home today and had a beautiful vacation!!! Used your advice on the Walleye area's looking for the drop-off's in the river channel going through the Gile and we NAILED Walleye the rest of the week. Had a blast fishing with you.. thanks again for a great day. Would love to book with you again!!!.



I just wanted to say thank you for spending time with us this weekend--we all had such a good time with you as our guide. I'm truly grateful--there are so many things I want for my kids to learn in their lives, and having you be a part of that was such a huge gift. I hope in your busy schedule that you will take time to realize how much it means -- not only to me, but to all whom you help.
Thanks again John,
have a wonderful week~


Fishing Date: 10/19/13
Weather: 43F
Vilas County Wisconsin

Our Family had the great pleasure of spending the day fishing with John Andrews of The Angler's Choice Guide Service on three Vilas County Wisconsin Lakes.

First and foremost we believe John is a true Professional, he shows great love for the great outdoors environment which is also very important to me personally. John is a great guide but more importantly a great person and we truly enjoy our time spent fishing with Mr. Andrews.

Now to the fishing, we met at the boat landing and John was right on time, from there we started catching Walleyes very quickly, this area produced for a couple of hours and then we were on to the next lake which was going to give us a new technique for catching these Fall walleyes.

We fished three lakes in all, catching a lot of walleyes all day long giving us a nice bag of fresh Walleye fillets.

Every time we hire expert guide John Andrews we learn a lot about fishing techniques and fishing information that can educate one to become a better fisherman for years to come, to us this guide is top of the line and we guarantee you will enjoy catching many fish with John Andrews.

Clint Braunel

Good morning John,

Just wanted to write and and say thanks for a wonderful day of fishing on the 27th Kurt, Fritz and I are aready talking about next years fishing trip and hiring you again to take us out for another guide trip.
Thanks for a outstanding day of fishing, you are a class act.

Dave Allen

Gerry Saweikis
Newedge USA, LLC
550 West Jackson
Chicago, IL 60661
Mobile: +1 312 543 0729

I've been coming up to Vilas County for the fishing for over 35 years. I have used numerous guides and have had some success.
However, last year I decided to try a guide who "Guaranteed" fish or you didn't have to pay. I thought this was too good to be true and what did I have to lose.
I scheduled a trip with John and one half day of fishing turned into 5 half days. Did we catch fish? Unbelievable!
Just would like to also mention that all the fish except for a few walleye were released unharmed. John is a firm believer in catch and release – a true conservationist.
Walleye – kept some for the frying pan but caught and released over 70 fish – all decent size. Largemouth bass – a 4-5 pounder. Smallmouth bass – two 4 plus pounders. Musky – a 28 pound beautiful fish.
John supplies everything needed and will also prepare a shore lunch by request.
John not only puts you on the fish, but explains structure, water temperature, fish movements – everything that he has learned he instructs you so you know exactly why you are catching fish. I learned more from John in my short 5 half days then I have in all my previous trips.
I was just reading reports from Vilas county on the 2013 spring opener. Everyone was reporting the Worst opener in decades – Ice still on the lakes and just poor to zero catches. Then I checked out John's site and there was his client holding up 4 beautiful walleye for the days catch. John works hard for his clients and since last year I have been reviewing his website daily.
I have scheduled another few days with John this spring and am sure to have another successful trip.


Thank you again for two marvelous days, I'm sure if you hadn't taken me I would never have had the experience. Thank You Sincerely.

Please send all the photos and also the one of the water coming off the steps.

Give your Dad my best... I wish I had mine to spend time with again. You are a lucky man my friend.

David M. Coons

Hey John,

I am here at Barnes & noble reading a fishing mag when I ran across your name!
I want to say thanx for the great experience ice fishing a week ago! It was well worth it and seeing our pics on your website was awesome!
We also did great on Brandy catching 10 northerns the biggest at 25".
It was great getting to know such a great fisherman like yourself

Dale Gilbertson

Musky caught while with The Anglers Choice Guide Service.

My name is Gerry Saweikis and I need to tell all about my latest trip up North. I have been coming up for the past 40 years mainly for the fishing. Our trips were usually planned spur of the moment and we took what we could find and we just wanted to be on a lake. Most of the cottages we have rented were very nice. If the lake was unfamiliar we would always hire a guide for a day and then rent a boat for the week. The guides have always been kind and considerate and we did have our successes. Now for our latest trip – We hired John Andrew from Presque Isle for 5 half days of fishing. Walleye – we caught them, Smallmouth Bass – We caught them. Largemouth Bass – we caught them. MUSKY – We caught one.
John is one of the best fishermen I've ever met. He's kind, considerate, patient and very knowledgeable not only about fishing – but the area attractions, the wildlife and the history of the area. My three children were amazed at our fishing success using techniques we never tried or heard of. But we sure caught fish. We also released the fish we were not going to have for our supper. A few Walleye only. John gave us some great catch and release – conservation reasons for this.

44" Musky caught in Vilas Couny lake, Wednesday, November 7th 2012.

44" musky

John, can't thank you enough for all the time we have spent together chasing the fish. You truly are a master of your trade. You represent what Northwoods fishing and lifestyle are all about! Can't wait to get "hooked up" again through the ice.

Thanks again John for your expert guiding.

Tim Rottman
Resides in Chicago, IL.

Vacations in the beautiful Northwoods as often as possible! Looking forward to retiring to the Northwoods some day!

Thank you so much John. These are great pics. And, your places are positively safe with us.

Already looking forward to going out with you again. It is such a pleasure to go with a fellow Christian versus some clown who slurps the suds and does not have the ethics that you have..

Fred Crandall

This is Jason Kasper I was with Tim and on Tuesday you very generously taught us ice fishing strategy and gave tremendous advise. I wanted to thank you again helping fix a door knob was not nearly enough for all of the information you gave. I want you to know your name will be passed around down here for anyone looking for a guide for fishing. I have a lot of friends who fish, most of all of them fish musky and I will be giving all of them you name and number. Not to mention Tim and I plan on hiring you every year from now on for open water fishing musky this year and perhaps walleye in the future. I could go on and on about how grateful Tim and I were for your time and knowledge we talked about it the whole way back to Chicago, but I will make this short. I am not sure where your quote about not listening to negative people came from but it really spoke to me. As I told you I am going through a divorce and my ex has had me stuck in a negative rut for years. Now that I am free from her and am back to my old self I realize how negative she was and how that affected me. Reading your quote reinforced my confidence and reminded me to not be influenced by the negative which is easy to get sucked into, but go with my gut feelings which are positive. I don't know what this quote means to you but I just wanted you to know I meant a lot to me. Anyway I hope you have a great winter, successful fishing and guiding and look forward to picking brain on the musky trip Tim and I are going to book for Nov. Thanks again and I wish you good health and great fishing.

Thanks Again
Jason Kasper
7310 W Summerdale
Chicago Il 60656

I want to share a of day fishing with John Andrew with you.  We picked one of the worst days for walleye fishing you could imagine.  It was the third Monday of August.  The water temperature at 6:00 AM was 72 degrees.  The day would heat up to 83 with hardly a breeze.  The lake vegetation was beginning to brown out for the season.  Add to that a blue sky all the time we were on the water.  My 12 years old nephew, a buddy and I put 29 walleyes in the boat along with some nice fat perch.  The shore lunch was outstanding.  What John taught us about catching soft bite walleyes will increase our catch many times over. 

Eric Ryberg, Crystal Lake,IL 815-354-1725

Hello John

I just had to write and thank you for all the positive things you bring to the lake-link web site
I bought a place in the sugar camp area last year and have been remodeling it this past summer and again next year. I have always loved the north woods area, been going up there for about 40 years, I look forward to reading and seeing the great success your customers have fishing with you, please keep up the positivity you bring and the best fishing report and the great pictures you post.
I have hired a guide every year for the past 15 years and would love to fish with you some day, I will definitely be looking into contacting you when I get the cottage done.

If you can could you please send me any information you might have about a guide trip with you.

Again thanks
Dave Allen
3036 Glassgo Dr
Hartford WI 53027


It's been a few weeks since we had a once-in-a-lifetime perching experience with you and we are still telling people about it!! We had an absolute ball and the shore lunch is one that we will remember the remainder of our days here on God's precious earth.

You worked your tail off that day. All guides should have a work ethic like yours. It was a pleasure and we look forward to using your expertise again. Keep it up, you certainly earned your keep with us..and then some! You are the real deal!


Curt, Tracy and John Yorkey

PS. We stopped into the COC to let them know that they have have one of the greatest guides ever in the Minocqua area.

Hi John,

Boy did we have a great time fishing with you on Trout lake! Thank you again for showing Joe, Tom, and myself a better way to rig a minnow and jig with that stinger hook! I don't think any of us will go back to the "old style rig" ever again! It worked every day after that fun day with had with you! My wife loved the pictures, and she commented about setting up a date for our two grand daughters 9 and 11 years old to fish with us and you being our guide. I'll keep you posted as the details become clearer. Have fun, be safe, and have a great fishing season.


Rick Owens
Customer Service & Internal Auditor ISO/TS 16949
Shale-Inland Stamping & Fabricating, LLC
Tel: 847.678.7573 ext. 529

Hello John,

I want to thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable day of fishing and for teaching me how to jig for walleyes. It is easy when you know the right technique! You are a great teacher. And I can't forget the bonus instruction--How to land a big Muskie! As we started the day you mentioned the lake had a large muskie population and that occasionally they grab your walleye as you are reeling it in, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that happening to me! What a treat. I will never forget that day. Again, thank you.

Grace Unto You,

Kalvin Dahl

Captain John,

I just wanted to thank you for our 2 fantastic fishing trips this past year. My sons(Nick and Joe) and I are heading back up in a few weeks and can't wait for our 2 ice fishing trips we already have scheduled. It's going to be difficult to top last January's ice fishing trip where we caught about 15-20 large northern pike and pan fish all day long, but I have complete confidence that you will put us on the hot spots once again!

Our summer walleye trip was equally amazing! Never in a million years would I think it would be possible to catch over 100 walleye in the middle of a warm, July summer day? That was incredible!!!

Your expertise and patience with kids is truly a gift and you have definitely found your calling in life! My sons tell everyone about Captain John and the big northerns that we caught up north. They will never forget their first ice fishing experience, which was priceless, and I thank you for that! See you in a few weeks!

Nick, Joe & Vince Santoro

I would like to tell everyone out there we fishied with John Andrew on September 13th, we hired John to take us walleye fishing I didn't think that there were that many walleyes left in Wisconsin we caught over 50 walleyes. We fished till mid afternoon while we were catching all those walleyes we started to talk about different ways to catch walleyes John told us about throwing crank bait. John Andrew after a great shore lunch eating walleyes and all the fixings he took the time to teach us about crank bait fishing, we caught a 25 inch walleye and a 22 inch small mouth. I have fished with other guides in the past and no one put in the time like John did he probably fished with us about 10 plus hours. We took what we learned and had one of the best weeks of fishing for walleyes I ever had in the Minocqua area. When we hire a guide again there is no question it will be John Andrew. I and my fishing buddy Dave would like to thank John for a great fishing trip and a great memory.

Ron Strohman
Channahon Illinois

Just a quick note to thank you for the great day of fishing on Thursday 9/10/09. My wife and I really enjoyed spending the day with you. When we set up our trip I said that I wanted a lot of rod bending action for my wife. Well you came thru BIG TIME. I'm not quite sure how many walleye's we caught, I lost count after we hit the 30's, but it had to be in the 50's. The action was non stop all day. I was quite impressed with the new technique that you showed us, and I can't wait to try it out for myself again.

I want to also thank you for all the time you spent working with my wife. Your guidance sure payed off as I think she actually out fished me. I know her arm was sore the next day from fighting all of the fish.

Excellent job on the shore lunch, or should I say shore dinner. The fresh walleye was out of this world good. I think I ate 4 or 5 fillet's. Potato's, onions, corn, and beans rounded out a fantastic meal. Not only a master angler but a master of wood fire cooking. My wife has your breading recipe written down, Thanks.

Don't be surprised if you hear from me this winter for an ice fishing trip with my boys. I mentioned it to them and they seemed very interested.

Thanks again:
Howard Schafer
Franklin, WI.


Thank you for the outstanding guide trips in the Manitowish Waters area on August 30 and September 3, 2009! My brother from California and I had a wonderful time fishing many lakes and catching smallmouth bass, crappie, and walleye. I have fished the midwest for over 13 years and learned a lot about bass, northern, and crappie fishing, but I never really learned the "fine techniques" for walleye until our recent guide trips with The Anglers Choice. We were really impressed to catch more than 55 walleye in one day! The nine walleye we kept made a fabulous "shore dinner" along with fried potatoes and onions, beans, and corn all cooked by gourmet chef John Andrew.

I look forward to going back up north again next year and learning more from the "Master of Fishing"!

Best Regards,

Dr. Robert Schumacher
Carmel, Indiana

Just wanted to drop a line thanking you again for a great two days of fishing. The three boys had a perfect day, especially considering the huge pike and the trophy walleye. The girls, all four of them, couldn’t stop talking about the day they spent with you either. All of them, from the novice ( who now says she understands what we’ve all been talking about when we wax ecstatic about fishing) to the more experienced fisherwomen said the fishing and your service were memorable.

Haven’t seen the pictures on your website yet, but a great time was had by all.
Thanks again and see you next year.

Bob Jones

Hi John,

Thanks for providing me and Bob with a great fishing experience. I’ll call you later on this summer to schedule an outing with my 25 year old son, probably in September or October.

Very truly yours,
Craig A. Tomassi

Hi John:

My two daughters and their husbands gave me a birthday present of your guide services for walleye fishing on 6/24/09. It was a wonderful day for myself and my son-in-laws.

It is always rewarding to be able to participate in a sport with a true professional such as yourself. Your passion for fishing is evident after a few minutes in your boat. With your patient guidance, we really started to "reel em in." Your story telling is right on. And, folks such as myself don't often share space with world record holders.

It was a real pleasure meeting you. Hope we can do it again sometime.

Best regards,

Ned Currie
Sinking Spring, PA

This is a recommendation for fishing guide John Andrew. On 4 different occasions, fishing walleye with 2 friends, John showed professionalism at the highest standard. He explained and demonstrated his walleye technique with well understood instructions. He stayed with his watchfull eye to insure we were fully utilizing his techniques for catching walleye.

On these 4 occasions we caught 35-55 walleye, releasing all but our limit each day.

Fishing with John Andrew it a treat for all anglers and I highly recommend John Andrew as your fishing guide.

Harley Klagos

I wish to recommend Mr. John Andrew as an excellent walleye fishing guide. John has a unique fishing system that catches many walleyes.

John Andrew is a very pleasant and interesting guide. He studies the fine art of fishing intensely to gain an advantage of fishing success over other guides in the Wisconsin North woods.

Flexibility is a key characteristic of John as he can guide different age customers as well as many types of fish.

I had a great time recently with John and caught our fish limits for two days. I am a retired college Marketing teacher for thirty years plus, with a lot of marketing work experience in the business world.

Thank You John.

Greg Chermak
803 West Dean Ave., Monona, WI 53716

Dear John,

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your services on Sunday. The family had a great time catching their limit of walleyes, enjoying your homemade shorelunch, and catching smallmouth bass after lunch. We certainly appreciated your willingness to split the day up for us; the limits of walleye and the children's catching smallmouth bass and bluegill. Keeping two 13-year olds entertained isn't easy, but you did it remarkably well. One even happily complained of his arm being tired from catching so many fish. Thanks again for your patience. Hope to see you soon.

Timothy S. MCConville D.D.S.
Madison, Wisconsin

Dear John Andrew:

We are writing you this letter to express how happy we and our children were with their first serious fishing experience, while using your guide service. Both of our nine year old twins, Nathan and Lydia, have been so excited to tell family and friends about their day of fishing. Nathan has checked out several fishing books from the library and even recently purchased a very detailed book on freshwater fishing--he is excited to learn more. Lydia enjoys showing her friends the pictures you took of her and some of the fish she caught.

We were very impressed on how well you worked with our children. Explaining how the day was to proceed, before setting off in the boat, gave the kids a clear understanding of what to expect. The children's skill level and confidence increased strongly as the day went on. Getting them to understand how to properly use the fishing equipment while fishing for panfish worked excellent. I, as well as the kids, appreciated your descriptions on where, when and how to fish different types of fish. Catching the larger northern pikes and walleyes at the end of the day was truly an exciting time for all of us.

Thanks again for the great experience. We will see you in the future on our next trip to the area.

Lyle and Judy Waniorek


Wanted to let you know what a good time we had fishing on Sat. 11/1, and we most definitely will be contacting you next summer when we are up in the northwoods. What I was wondering is what is your website address, so I can bring it to the attention of our writers at The Wisconsin State Journal, so they can get in touch with you to do a story on your services.

Again, thank you for teaching us the art of fishing.

Dave Presser
Lisa Presser
Michael Presser

John, just a line to say thanks for the great day. I've used guides before, but never caught the amount of fish like this. I think we caught 90+! My son was overwhelmed and will never forget the day. Not only do you know what it takes to catch fish, but more importantly where to catch fish. We had fish in the boat in the first few minutes. We'll be up again next year and I'd like to arrange an early morning fishing trip with a shore lunch. Thanks again, see you next year.

Ron Foster
Vice President
Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois

This letter is to serve as a recommendation for John Andrew. On Tuesday of this week we had the pleasure of having John as our fishing guide for the day.

John is not only warm and generous, but also extremely patient and knowledgeable. He spent quite a bit of time teaching our family how to fish, as well as a general lesson in biology and nature.

Our two boys, ages 12 and 14, were quite impressed with John as they were both able to catch bass, walleye, perch and northern pike. Their experience was extremely positive and they would both love the opportunity to fish with John again in the near future.

John took care of us from early morning and through the evening, from baiting our lines to cleaning and cutting up the fish we kept. We are still enjoying "our catch" today at lunch!

We highly recommend John Andrew as a local fishing guide for this northwoods area. Not only are we looking forward to our next fishing expedition, we will remember our experience with him for many years.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information you might like to have.

Warm regards,
The Baele Family
Robin, Roger, Dan, Kevin
Phoenix, Arizona

Fully licensed and insured, John offers his customers the benefits of his 50 years of fishing experience on Northwoods and Canadian waters, a track record that includes two World records and two Outstanding Angling Achievement awards documented at the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame . . .

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